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In Southeastern Sicily, where old world architecture meets stunning beaches, surprisingly beautiful countryside and a vibrant night life.

Ask any resident of Noto what makes Noto so unique. He will probably ask you to raise your head. Noto is a stunning open-air museum—in itself! Every palace in town, every street, every view is a work of art made to be slowly savored, little by little, using only your eyes and heart.

Designed like a theatre set, Noto was built following the 1693 earthquake which destroyed the old town situated 10km away. It is considered the capital of the Baroque style, “the stone garden city”, and its old town center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Noto tourist information
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Noto tourist information

Noto tourist information

The Baroque


Today the Baroque setting reached unequalled perfection in the new city where magnificent limestone palaces were built by the banks of the Corso, where actually our hotel is located, side by side churches crowned with domes and flanked by endless staircases. This faultless stylistic exercise will leave the visitor speechless, particularly at sunset.

The Corso Vittorio Emanuele, an elegant walkway flanked by fine restaurants, shops and cafes among thrilling baroque palazzi and churches is the dynamic heart of Noto where natives and visitors enjoy the typical Italian “passeggiata” carrying a gelato. Dashing at any time of the day, it’s especially hypnotic at sunset, when the red-gold buildings seem to glow with a soft inner light.

Within 5 to 15 km. of central Noto are some of the most secluded sandy beaches not just in Sicily but in all of Italy.

The ones closest to town, Eloro-Pizzuta and Noto Marina are at easy access, while our favourite beaches are San Lorenzo or those wild ones along the vast natural reserve of Vendicari. A must-to-see is Marianelli beach, a special spot for naturists and gay travelers, at 15/20 min. of drive.










Noto tourist information

Neighboring places


From Noto you have no idea of how close neighboring historic towns like Modica, Scicli or Ragusa Ibla and any number of Ancient Greek ruins and unspoiled beaches are to the town center and to each other.

The historical ancient center of Syracuse, Ortigia, is just 30 minutes drive along the highway.

The Val di Noto, the huge unspoiled and sun-drenched Noto territory is a mix of what a visitor may desire: art, culture, great food and wine, secular olive and carob trees countryside, top hill towns, and truly relaxing beach time.

Also trips out of town like in the trendy Taormina or a trip on Mount Etna are easily possible. CONTACT US FOR ANY INFO ABOUT NOTO.

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